What should I pay attention to when riding an escalator?


What should I pay attention to when riding an escalator […]

What should I pay attention to when riding an escalator?

There is a lot of emergency knowledge about elevators, we should have a certain understanding of them, and the awareness of safe riding must be kept in mind at all times. Only in this way can the chance of elevator accidents be reduced again and again! The editor is here to remind friends that you must pay attention to the following points when riding the escalator:

1. Escalator, as the name suggests, when riding, naturally you should put your hands on the handrail position. Isn't it just a very simple question of common sense? However, in today's era where "head-down people" are everywhere, the editor feels it is necessary to remind everyone. As the international community pays more attention to environmental protection, all major elevator companies basically use powder coatings on the surface of their elevators. This is a new type of environmentally friendly solvent-free coating, and its various properties are better than paint. Handrails are extremely important, which are as important as the seat belts that we need to wear when we often ride in transportation.

2. Shoes and long skirts should be kept at a certain distance from the edge of the elevator. The escalator has not only fixed parts, but also some movable parts. Generally, there will be a certain gap between these parts. If the skirt is too close, it is easy to get involved and cause danger. Medical elevator electric drive system: The function of the electric drive system is to provide power and implement elevator speed control. The electric drive system is composed of a traction motor, a power supply system, a speed feedback device, and a motor speed control device.

3. Observe the position of the emergency stop button before riding the escalator, so that the elevator can be stopped in time when a danger occurs. Car elevator guidance system: The main function of the guidance system is to limit the freedom of movement of the car and the counterweight, so that the car and the counterweight can only move up and down along the guide rail. The guiding system is mainly composed of guide rail, guide shoe and guide rail frame.