What are the precautions for installing small elevators


  What are the precautions for installing small el […]


What are the precautions for installing small elevators

Everyone is familiar with elevators. In fact, elevators are vertical elevators driven by electric motors. They are equipped with box-shaped pods to transport people or goods in multi-story buildings. What should be paid attention to when installing a small elevator? The following editions will help you summarize relevant common sense.

The orientation and space of the shaft: The azimuth and space of the shaft determines the size of the elevator and the door. It is a good plan to install an elevator in the center of the stairs and combine it with the stairs.

1. The center of the stairs, the corners, and the external hangers are acceptable, and the one that does not block the passage is preferred.

2. The width of the hoistway is opposite to the width of the door, and the height of the car is opposite to the height of the top floor.

3. The recommended load is 3-4 people, 225-320kg, and the car size is 0.8-1.0 square meters. The relative load of the area can be greater than that of the passenger elevator to increase comfort.

Two. The determination of style: Mainly consider the outstanding environment and personal favorite, and then consider the cost and difficulty.

1. Shut down the hoistway with the car, and visit the hoistway with the visitor car, which can be visited on three sides or partly. It is recommended to install glass windows on the door.

2. The shapes of cars vary. Can use rectangle, circle and combination types. Active folding doors that advocate the use of transparent materials.

3. Due to the large number of elevator components, it is not easy to use transparent glass in family visit elevators.