What are the advantages of freight elevators?


What are the advantages of freight elevators?   1, safe […]

What are the advantages of freight elevators?

  1, safe and reliable

The freight elevator is produced in strict accordance with the national standard gb7588 "Safety Code for Elevator Manufacturing and Installation", and the main safety components have been certified by the National Elevator Quality Inspection Base. Multiple safety circuits are set in the electrical area to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the elevator.

  2, advanced technology

The freight elevator adopts the vvvf control system, uses a new generation of inverters, and optimizes the planning of the control line (designing major projects or planning), so its freight elevator has energy saving and low consumption, reasonable planning, strong anti-interference ability, and powerful functions And other characteristics.

  3, the standard is complete

The freight elevator has speed levels, a variety of load series and standards, and a wider range of applications. As the international community pays more attention to environmental protection, all major elevator companies basically use powder coatings on the surface of their elevators. This is a new type of environmentally friendly solvent-free coating, and its various properties are better than paint.