We provide elevator quotation advantages


We provide elevator quotation advantages:  1, technical […]

We provide elevator quotation advantages:

1, technical advantages
Elevators continue to integrate the world's most advanced technology into the development of elevators, so that the development of elevators has always been synchronized with the latest technologies of the world, and together they continue to transfer their latest technologies to other elevator manufacturers around the world. Its product technology is synchronized with the world and represents the latest generation of scientific and technological achievements. For example, in the field of passenger elevators, not only VVVF drive technology, intelligent control, variable frequency door operator, serial transmission system, etc., but also permanent magnet synchronous motor traction, ultra-thin young line call panel and other technologies with its own advantages; in escalators In the field, it has advanced technologies such as planetary gears, lubrication-free drive chains and frequency conversion control.

  2, compact structure brings space saving
The design idea is to reduce the cost and facilitate the design of the house. Because of its fine and compact structure, it makes the space plan more convenient and saves.

  3, high power efficiency
The escalator has always been ahead of similar products in terms of power utilization, and its energy-saving and power-saving advantages more clearly represent its technological advancement; for comparison, the speed of 2.0 m/s, the load of 1000KG elevator 3000 motor power is 11 kilowatts, full load The current is 24 amperes, while the traditional geared elevator data are 16 kilowatts and 40 amperes; the speed is 1.0 m/s, the load is 1000KG, the 3000 motor power and the starting current are 5.7 kilowatts and 16 amperes respectively, while the traditional geared traction The elevators are 9 kilowatts and 35 amps respectively; the selected planetary gear has a power of 96%, while the traditional worm gear has a power of 84%. This increase in power also brings power savings. Car elevator guidance system: The main function of the guidance system is to limit the freedom of movement of the car and the counterweight, so that the car and the counterweight can only move up and down along the guide rail. The guiding system is mainly composed of guide rail, guide shoe and guide rail frame.

  4, excellent (explanation: excellent, very good) product quality
Finland is close to Germany, which is world-renowned for focusing on quality. The elevators have the highest share of the elevator market in Germany. The introduction of the most advanced production technology and processing technology ensures the high quality of the products. Others, the passenger and escalators we recommend are joint ventures. Products, but its imported parts are much larger than those of the same level elevators, such as motors, inverters, control components, door machine systems, speed response equipment, weighing equipment, planetary gears, brakes, rollers, sprockets, and machine-less and high-speed elevators The traction wire ropes, etc. are all imported. As the international community pays more attention to environmental protection, all major elevator companies basically use powder coatings on the surface of their elevators. This is a new type of environmentally friendly solvent-free coating, and its various properties are better than paint. Many imported parts provide a guarantee for the reliable quality of the products.

  5, perfect functional equipment
3000 series elevators and escalators are used in medium and high-end areas, and their standard functions are higher than those of general use, such as light curtain safety door, full-load non-stop work, hall station arrival bell, early door opening functions, etc., are all given as standard functions to users; Other optional E-LINK electric and escalator processing systems are more helpful for building intelligent automation control supply.

     6, safe and reliable
Elevators are produced in compliance with the European EN-81 standard, and China's GB7588 standard is based on its standards; European standards are known for their strict requirements for product safety and reliability. The quantity and quality of safety components of electric and escalators have strict requirements to ensure work Reliability.

  7, environmental protection and low noise
Generally, the motor speed of the toothed traction machine is around 1500 rpm, while the maximum speed of the butterfly motor motor is only 95 rpm. The gear reduction box is eliminated, so the environmental noise is reduced, and the lubricating oil is no longer used. It saves the annual oil change cost and reduces environmental pollution.

  8, long service life
Because the passenger elevator uses butterfly motors and the escalator uses planetary gear mechanisms, the transmission power is increased, the mechanical wear is greatly reduced, and the service life is greatly extended, which will bring long-term work costs, maintenance costs, and overhaul costs in the future. benefit.

  9,establishment of maintenance station
The quality of the elevator depends on the quality of the product, the technology of the installation and the usual maintenance, and the timely repair when the elevator fails. Medical elevator electric drive system: The function of the electric drive system is to provide power and implement elevator speed control. The electric drive system is composed of a traction motor, a power supply system, a speed feedback device, and a motor speed control device.