These elevators are available in two types


As per Indian Standard Code IS15259, a home elevator is […]

As per Indian Standard Code IS15259, a home elevator is an automatic kind of lift specially designed for residential homes, in which there is no mechanical support provided by the user. Usually, these elevators are provided with sensors and are capable of sensing any change in the elevation of the rooms, above them. This feature reduces the strain on the shoulders of the users and also saves them the trouble of moving up and down the stairs several times in a day. Moreover, such elevators are very much safe to operate, as they do not allow the users to go out of their lifts, except in specific circumstances.

These elevators are available in two types. One is the fully automatic and the other is the semi-automatic only. The fully automatic elevator is the most popularly used elevators in homes for its convenience; however it does not provide safety to its users like the other kind of elevator. This elevator is mainly installed on the first floor and supplies the occupant of the house with the facility to move up or down the stairs without the help of anybody. However, the major disadvantage of such a home elevator is that it cannot be fitted on the lower floors of the house.

There are many factors which one has to keep in mind while installing the elevators. It is better to hire the services of a professional to install it in your home. A good technician can guide you with utmost ease, after measuring the required space and also giving you some tips for the installation.

If you are planning to install an elevator in your home then you must decide upon the type of the elevator you would require. If you want an elevator to move between different floors then it is wise to opt for the stair-lift. These stair-lifts are available in both open and closed versions. However, if you want to save space in your home then you can go for the inclined elevators. In this type of elevator, the entire staircase moves upwards or downwards and there is no need for the assistance of stairs.

It is important to choose the elevator that will prove to be durable and offer maximum comfort to its user. When you are choosing the best home elevators for your home then it is better to ask around and do some online research. You can also check out the reviews written by people who have used such lifts. It is always important to choose the one that offers you the most freedom and flexibility.

It is better to choose the electric pneumatic elevator if you do not want to inconvenience anyone in moving about your home. This is because these lifts are equipped with self-movement and self-stabilization system. Moreover, these electric pneumatic home elevators offer the best safety options. All types of stair-lifts are equally good but they depend upon your requirement and budget. Most of the people prefer wheelchair lifts to go up and down the stairs as this will offer them maximum comfort.