Take elevator safety tips


1. Please increase the operating efficiency of the elev […]

1. Please increase the operating efficiency of the elevator according to the floor keys you want to reach.

2, take the elevator do not overload ride.

3. Take the elevator and do not rest your body on the landing door.

4, please do not smoke in the elevator car, slap, crowded, collision, so as to avoid accidents.

5. Transporting flammable and explosive dangerous goods is strictly prohibited. In case of special circumstances, it must be approved by the relevant management department and necessary safety protection measures must be taken before shipment.

6. Do not press the emergency button casually. The emergency button is set to deal with unexpected situations. When the elevator is running normally, do not press the emergency button to avoid unnecessary trouble.

7. If you find that the elevator is running, the floor of the elevator car is not flush with the floor, it means that the elevator has failed. Please stop the ride and wait until the relevant department handles it.

8. If the elevator fails in the elevator process and stops running, the following measures shall be taken:

The first step: to maintain calm, stable mood, do not climb the elevator out of the climb;

The second step is to find the emergency alarm device in the elevator and ask for help from the outside through the alarm device.

The third step: Check the inside of the elevator for help calls, call the help call for help;

Step 4: After sending a distress message to outside, take relevant measures under the guidance of a professional. You must not use tips, tricks, and other erroneous self-rescue actions without authorization. You should wait for professionals to open the door in the elevator and lift the elevator. , Quickly leave the elevator under the guidance of a professional.

9. Do not take the elevator when there is a fire. In the event of a fire, passengers are prohibited from using the elevator to escape and should choose stairs to escape safely.