Safety precautions for riding the sightseeing elevator


  Visit elevator 4: 1. The elevator doors must not […]


Visit elevator 4:

1. The elevator doors must not be lifted. When the elevator door is closed, do not rush into the elevator forcibly to prevent the elevator door from being closed. Do not park one foot inside and one foot outside to avoid unnecessary damage.

2. Don't just press the pressing button. The pressing button is used to deal with unexpected situations. When the elevator is running normally, do not press the pressing button to avoid unnecessary problems.

3. No door operation. When taking an elevator, if the elevator door is not closed, it indicates that the elevator is malfunctioning, and passengers outside the elevator should not enter the elevator; passengers in the elevator should not jump out of the elevator during operation to avoid unnecessary damage and should stay in the elevator for rescue . e "Four steps" based on the following urgent situations.

4. Do not take the elevator when a fire breaks out. Once a fire breaks out, passengers are prohibited from using the elevator to escape. They should choose the staircase exit to escape.

Safety precautions for riding the sightseeing elevator

The four steps of emergency response for trapped persons:

The first step: stay calm and emotionally stable. Don't climb out of the elevator alone.

Step 2: Find the emergency alarm device in the elevator and ask the outside for help through the alarm device.

Step 3: Check whether there is a help phone inside the elevator, and call an external help phone.

Step 4: After sending out the rescue information, take corresponding measures under the guidance of professionals. You should not take wrongful self-rescue actions, such as prying or prying the door. you

Should wait for professionals to open the elevator for rescue. After the elevator is level, you should leave the elevator quickly under the guidance of professionals.