Safety precautions for riding the sightseeing elevator


Safety precautions for riding the sightseeing elevator […]

Safety precautions for riding the sightseeing elevator

The safety of elevators has always been the focus of people's attention, and various safety accidents when visiting elevators are not uncommon. Today, we will introduce you to the "Four Sceneries" and "Four Nos" of visiting elevators, which are responsible for our own safety and the safety of others.

Visit the "Four Looks" in the elevator:

1. See if there are safety signs. When taking an elevator, first check whether there is a safety inspection mark issued by the quality and technical supervision section in the elevator, and check whether it is within the validity period.

2. Check to see if there is a "stop elevator maintenance" sign. Before reaching the elevator, passengers should check whether there is a "stop and repair" sign in front of the elevator. If there is such a sign, it means that the elevator is under repair and passengers should not take it.

3. See if it is overloaded. Elevator overload can easily lead to safety accidents. When the elevator is overloaded and alarms, it should automatically exit and wait for the next ride.

4. Check whether the operation is normal. After the elevator is stopped, passengers should investigate whether the floor of the elevator car is flush with the floor when entering or leaving the elevator. If the elevator is not flat, indicating that the elevator is faulty, the elevator user should be informed in time.