Safety instructions for elevators?


1. When using the elevator, please press the up button […]

1. When using the elevator, please press the up button when you want to go upstairs, or press the down button when you want to go downstairs.

2. After the elevator arrives at the floor, the passenger should determine the direction of the elevator; when it is determined that the direction of the elevator is in the same direction as the direction of the elevator, then enter the car.

3. Passengers can close the elevator door by pressing the “close button” on the operation panel inside the elevator; the elevator door will also be closed regularly and automatically, and passengers should not stay at the joint between the floor and the car to avoid pinching.

4. After the passenger enters the car, the elevator floor is determined by pressing the floor selection button. Passengers must not lean on the car door.

5. Elevators have a standard number of passengers. When the personnel is overloaded, the alarm device in the elevator will give an audible indication. At this time, the passenger should take the initiative to reduce the number of employees and exit the elevator.

6. When an abnormality or malfunction occurs in the elevator, the passenger should remain calm and call the car to call for help or wait for rescue. Do not slam the door without attempting to escape the car.

7. Keep the car clean and hygienic, do not smoke in the car, discard waste anywhere.

8. Passengers should take care of the elevator facilities, and do not accidentally press buttons and smash the door.

Managers must strictly perform their duties, check the operation of the elevators regularly; contact the elevators for maintenance and repairs regularly; make maintenance records; find faults and report them in time.