Safety common sense of villa elevator


Safety common sense of villa elevator 1. What happens w […]

Safety common sense of villa elevator

1. What happens when the elevator falls?
(1) (No matter how many layers there are) quickly press the button of each layer.
(2) If there is a handle in the elevator, please hold it tightly with one hand.
(3) The entire back and head are close to the inner wall of the elevator in a straight line.
(4) The knee is twisted.

2. What to do if the elevator is trapped?
When people are trapped in an elevator, the most important thing is not the rescue process, but to get in touch with the outside world and seek rescue in the shortest time. Once trapped in the elevator, please do the following:

(1) After being trapped, the best way is to press the urgent call button in the elevator, which will be connected to the duty room or monitoring center. If someone answers the phone, all you have to do is wait for rescue.

(2) If your call button is malfunctioning, you'd better use your mobile phone to call the police for assistance. At present, many elevators are equipped with mobile phone transmitters, which can receive and call normally in the elevators.

(3) If the elevator is out of power, maybe the mobile phone has no signal. In this situation, you'd better stay calm, because the elevator is equipped with safety equipment. The anti-falling equipment will be firmly stuck on the tracks on both sides of the elevator trough, so that the elevator will not fall. Even if there is a power failure, the safety equipment will not fail. At this time, you must remain calm, insist on physical strength, and wait for assistance. In the narrow, sultry elevator, many people worry that it will cause suffocation. The new national elevator standards have strict regulations. As long as the ventilation effect is reached, the elevator can be put on the market. In addition, elevators have many moving parts, such as some connection directions, such as the seam between the car wall and the car roof, which are generally sufficient to satisfy people's breathing needs.

(4) After you stabilize your mood, all you have to do is roll up the carpet on the elevator car floor and expose the vents at the bottom to achieve the best ventilation effect. Then shout loudly to attract the attention of passersby.

(5) If your shouting is invalid, you need to use different methods to save your strength. At this time, you may knock on the elevator door intermittently, or knock on the elevator door with a hard bottom, waiting for the arrival of rescuers. If you hear noise outside, take another shot. It is best to observe calmly and wait patiently for the arrival of rescuers.

Some people trapped in a hurry will try to open the elevator themselves, which is a self-help method that firefighters strongly resist. Because when the elevator goes wrong, the circuit of the door sometimes fails. At this time, the elevator may start abnormally. Forcibly prying the door is very dangerous and simply causes personal injury. In addition, because the floor position of the elevator is not known when the elevator is running, blindly opening the elevator door will also risk falling into the elevator shaft.