Related introduction and application of freight elevator


Related introduction and application of freight elevato […]

Related introduction and application of freight elevator

Freight elevators are mainly planned for the transportation of goods and are usually accompanied by people. As the international community pays more attention to environmental protection, all major elevator companies basically use powder coatings on the surface of their elevators. This is a new type of environmentally friendly solvent-free coating, and its various properties are better than paint. The freight elevator car is long and narrow. A straight elevator powered by an electric motor is equipped with a box-shaped pod. Fixed lifting equipment serving regular floors. It has a car that runs between at least two rows of straight rigid slide rails. Freight elevators and elevators are delivery vehicles across floors. In recent years, the height of buildings in industrial parks has been limited. Many manufacturers have built buildings on floors 1-3. They are mainly built with steel structures and mixed methods to carry goods. Elevators are generally divided into three categories, shopping mall cargo elevators are divided into:

Freight elevator

  1, elevator with machine room

  2, elevator without machine room

  3, hydraulic elevator

Because the users who need freight elevators are generally factories, most of the elevators were selected without in-depth investigation, and they were in a forced position in terms of model selection, load, and civil engineering. Home elevators also have a stepped type. The treads are installed on the track to run continuously, commonly known as escalators or moving walks. Fixed lifting equipment serving the specified floors. The vertical elevator has a car that runs between at least two rows of vertical or rigid guide rails with an inclination angle of less than 15°. It is very important to choose an elevator that can be quoted at a suitable price and suitable for the use of the unit:  

   1. The selection should be considered from all aspects of civil construction costs, elevator equipment costs, and elevator utilization costs;
   2. Thinking about the cost of elevator civil construction, it is necessary to see whether it is possible to not choose elevator with machine room;
   3. Elevator cost can think about not using hydraulic elevator;
   4. Elevator operation cost should not choose hydraulic elevator and two-speed elevator, but use variable frequency freight elevator.
   5. Elevators also need to choose authentic brand elevators, especially cheap second-hand elevators.

Summarizing the key points of the above selection, it is advisable to choose a machine room-less elevator with low civil construction costs, and frequency conversion control can save operating costs.