Moving Walkways and Conveyors for Airport Transfer


A moving walkway, also referred to as an autowalk, movi […]

A moving walkway, also referred to as an autowalk, moving curb, walking path, public transport, people mover, or truss, is a low-cost moving conveyor system that moves people over a flat or movable surface over a long to medium distance. Moving walks can be utilized by simply walking or standing on them. Other moving walks are wheeled versions that are capable of moving in a specified area. The most common types of moving walk ways are straight, curved, multi-curved or diamond-shaped.

Walk is one example of a low cost moving walkway system that is primarily used to transport heavy items. Walk has several models including the iwalker and the iwalk roller. In addition to being used to transport heavy items, many people utilize them to move their groceries from the store to their vehicle. iWalk uses rolling pallets made of strong, durable plywood covered in asphalt to keep the pallet against the gondola's edge at all times.

The structure of the iwalk includes four long, upright, steel poles which are connected to each other by polyethylene ropes. At the center of these ropes is the longest pole which forms the base of the moving walkway. Each of the four poles has a hexagonal piece attached to it. The bottom of the pallets is covered with a black flag that clearly states "I walk" on it.

Moving Walkways have evolved from simple handrails used in high-rise buildings to include features such as handrails, ramps and staircases that provide comfortable foot support for wheelchair users. Handrails and ramps are available in varying widths and lengths depending on the weight and size of the user. Staircases are available either in straight or curved configurations. Handrails and staircases are an important safety feature when walking up and down the escalators since they provide non-slip surfaces and also help increase the level of safety for people using wheelchairs. Since the majority of older elevated structures do not have modern features such as handrails and staircases, moving walkways are often used to create new opportunities for disabled and elderly individuals to enjoy easy access to all areas of a commercial facility.

A portable moving walkway is an efficient alternative to transferring people up and down the airport levels. Since portable moving walkways are lightweight and compact, they can be moved from place to place whenever required. In addition, they offer the same benefits that elevators offer. Portable moving walkways are perfect for carrying luggage and moving between airplane terminals. They can also be used for carrying wheelchairs and other mobility devices between floors in hotels and office buildings.

Today, moving walkways are widely available at most airport locations. For more information on renting a moving walkway or conveyor, contact rental services at LAX, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, and Houston. These companies specialize in providing customized moving service at affordable rates.