Mistakes to avoid when choosing a home elevator


Mistakes to avoid when choosing a home elevator First, […]

Mistakes to avoid when choosing a home elevator

First, do not over-confess the "pure import" elevator

If you don't know the elevator, you may not know that our country's traction elevators are in a leading position in the world. When you are entangled with imported hydraulic and screw elevators, the Chinese-made elevator 'madeinchina' has been exported to the world. The times are different, expensive. It must be right.

Second, do not blindly pursue corporate reputation

The home villa elevator is a very unpopular area. It belongs to non-standard custom products. Most of the elevators that most of us are exposed to are only the elevator brands installed in individual high-rise buildings. It is difficult to reach in private homes, so it is rarely heard. Over the home villa elevator. Because the professionalism is different, so the comprehensive elevator factory that you have heard has not produced villa elevators so far, so it is better to choose a professional home villa elevator company. The so-called 'specialization in the industry', different fields have different expertise. .

Third, do not blindly pursue lower prices

Compare the price of the elevator, please give a simple example. The same brand of different series of cars, the configuration is not the same, not to mention the different brands of car configuration. For the traction machine that only takes the elevator, the low-end traction machine and the high-end traction machine have a price difference of nearly 10,000 yuan, not to mention many other components. If you are blindly pursuing the price, there will definitely be a low-end configuration elevator to meet.

Fourth, do not have to worry too much about elevator safety

In comparison, the structure and safety of the traction elevator belong to the most mature and safest elevator technology recognized internationally. There are safety components on the upper and lower sides of the elevator to ensure the operation of the elevator. The production and installation of the elevator are based on national standards. The tens of layers and even hundreds of layers of elevator structures are all hoisting gantry structures, and their safety has been tempered by thousands of experiments.