Main indicators of the elevator


1) Reliability The reliability of the elevator is very […]

1) Reliability The reliability of the elevator is very important, directly or indirectly affecting people's production and life. The failure of the elevator is mainly manifested in the electric power drag control system. Therefore, to improve the reliability, it is mainly started from the electric drive control system. Therefore, the drag of the elevator should use a squirrel-cage asynchronous motor as much as possible.

2) Security

1. Protection function. Used for load limiting, speed limiting, current limiting, and interlocking of driving and switching doors. The speed limit protection is mainly composed of a safety gear and a speed limiter. The safety speed of the car and the speed limiter should be no less than 115% of the rated speed of the car.

2. The door and car door electrical interlocking device should be installed.

3. When the car passes the upper and lower working positions, the device of the control circuit is cut off.

4. When the elevator cannot be operated normally due to power failure or electrical system failure in the middle, there should be a slow moving movement of the car.

3) Comfort and speed When the elevator is decelerating down or accelerating, the quality of the human body will be pressed down on the bone plate, and the body will be overweight. When the elevator accelerates down or slows down, the abdominal muscle supporting the internal organs will be Some weight will be lost, and a sense of weightlessness will result, which will cause physical discomfort to the passengers, and it will be dizzy.