Listed below are the features of a Stretcher Elevator


Choosing a Stretcher Elevator If you're looking to shif […]

Choosing a Stretcher Elevator

If you're looking to shift patients from OT to ICU, a Stretcher Elevator is a great choice. Stretcher elevators come in different sizes, depending on the amount of people to be moved. Most models feature gates to ensure that the elevator's clear opening is as large as possible. Listed below are the features of a Stretcher Elevator. The following are some of the most important factors to consider when choosing an elevator.

First, make sure the elevator is in working condition. A good quality stretcher elevator should be decorated and have all of its parts. A good quality stretcher elevator will last longer if it is maintained properly. Make sure that the elevator has an emergency medical services symbol in its hoistway. These symbols are typically three inches high and must be clearly visible in order to be properly recognized. You can also ask the maintenance staff about any malfunctions, such as if the elevator's doors are not closing properly.

Another important factor to consider when choosing a Stretcher Elevator is the size of the machine room. Stretcher elevators are typically larger than standard elevators. They can be configured to access floors with alternating sides. Additionally, these types of lifts have heightened safety features and require two to four service visits a year. A standard stretcher elevator can last fifteen years or more. In some cases, a Stretcher Elevator can last longer than fifteen years if it's properly maintained.

Stretcher elevators are ideal for a variety of applications. Whether you need a commercial or residential lift for a medical facility, a Stretcher elevator can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Stretcher lifts are easy to install and can carry a wide range of bulky items. You can even have a 2 hour fire rated landing door for added safety. You can also choose an elevator that has an emergency stop button in the case of an emergency.

Stretcher elevators have many benefits, including digital display of the car's position and UP/DN indication. The RMEP Zero Clearance door frame enables you to install a hoistway door that has maximum clearance from the car sill to the hoistway sill. Also, a wraparound elevator is less space-consuming than two separate structures, which improves continuity. Because of their wrap-around design, a stretcher elevator is ideal for buildings with short level changes and open floor plans.

A stretcher elevator is required by law in buildings with four stories. A stretcher elevator must have a minimum capacity of 3,500 lbs. Speed requirements depend on the type of elevator and the number of stories, but most three to five-story hotels need an elevator to travel at 100-200 fpm. Most major hotel chains also require that elevators meet specific speed requirements. These requirements are also part of the International Building Code.


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