Important Facts You Should Know About Home Elevator


According to Indian Standard Code IS15259, a home eleva […]

According to Indian Standard Code IS15259, a home elevator is a kind of lift specially designed for commercial houses, where persons with disabilities have difficulty climbing up and down. This kind of elevator has a platform on which a person can rise or fall from. The platform of an elevator is wider than that of the car on which it is traveling. In other words, a person who uses this elevator will be standing on a platform and the same applies to the car as well.

An elevator is provided with a motor that runs on either a pressure or electric motor. The mechanism and the motor are fitted in such a way so that they can move both vertically and horizontally. Vertical platform lift cylinder and shaftless elevators are very popular among people and therefore there are numerous companies that make vertical platform lifts. Shaftless and Hydraulic elevators are used in residential buildings and high-rise buildings. In case of the latter, hydraulic elevator installation cost is considerably more.

Home elevators are available for residential purposes in various models. The commonest among them are the inclined lifts and the hoists. Inclinator are meant for use by people who experience muscle fatigue due to sitting and standing for long hours. The cost of an inclinator hoist is comparatively less and it is also relatively easy to install. Inclinators can be installed on surfaces like stairs, rugs and so forth.

Home elevator systems are provided with a pneumatic or aero lift and are either operated manually or electronically. A good example of a hoist or pneumatic elevator is the vertical platform lift or the inclined hoist. Pneumatic or auto lifts need to be linked with a power supply and if you want to install the same in your home, you should have an expert take a look at your needs and specifications beforehand.

Lifts can be installed either in a single story or in multi-story buildings. Before you buy any Home Elevator make sure that you check out the manufacturer's brochure for making you aware of the technical features of the machine. If you are not very familiar with hoist lifts, the best option is hiring the services of a professional technician to install it for you. An expert can take a look at the hoist and its components and tell you how much it will cost you. Most Home Elevator Companies give free technical support to their existing customers and you can contact them for any query regarding your hoist lift. In case you are not able to install your own elevator, you can take help from the nearest Home Elevator Company.

Your elevator installation may need a few days' time and the entire process can be managed efficiently only if you contact the right people at the right time. Home Elevator Companies know all about the hoist products and can make sure that your installation goes smoothly without any hiccups. Once you have a Home Elevator, you may need to keep it under lock and key when it is not in use. If you are not ready to spend the money on buying a brand new elevator, you may need to hire the services of an elevator repair company which would offer you all the facilities you require at a reasonable price.