Hydraulic elevators have very low requirements for civil structures


          1.It does not require a machine room, on […]


        1.It does not require a machine room, only a load-bearing wall, the height of the top floor can be installed up to more than 2600 mm, the foundation pit can also be very shallow, the minimum foundation pit is 100 mm, due to the low advantages of hydraulic home elevators used in civil buildings. When I launched China many years ago, I quickly occupied most of the home elevator market.

  2. The hydraulic elevator will not lose control of the speed, and it is easy to realize self-rescue without topping and bottoming. As long as the mechanical structure design is reasonable, the installation is reliable, and the safety factor of the hydraulic elevator is high, the hydraulic elevator can use the backup battery to realize the self-rescue function of the trapped persons. When the emergency button in the car is pressed, the hydraulic oil after the drain valve circuit is opened slowly returns to the mailbox, and the elevator will slowly descend due to its own weight.

  3. Hydraulic elevator can save construction space

  The traction elevator has no hydraulic counterweight, only 2 guide rails, so it can save space (such as stairs can only be installed 1400X1100)

   It can be installed more than one millimeter, the foundation pit can also be very shallow, the foundation pit is at least 100 mm. Due to the low advantage of hydraulic home elevators to civil buildings, the introduction of China ten years ago quickly occupied most of the home elevators. market

Disadvantages of  hydraulic family:

   1: There is certain motor noise

   If the pump station is not isolated or far away from the shaft, when the elevator and the oil pump are working, the mechanical sound will be heard when the elevator starts to rise, causing noise pollution.

  2: Hydraulic oil will leak

  After the service life of the cylinder piston seal is expired or worn, when the elevator is running, the hydraulic oil will leak into the hoistway, and the related seals need to be replaced.

   3: Comfort is not perfect

   (The comfort of the hydraulic ladder should also be determined according to the installation and debugging conditions, but it is worse than the traction type.) The traction speed adjustment is adjusted by the oil volume and pressure of the pump station. Therefore, the elevator will feel shaking or sinking during operation.

  The advantages of traction villa home elevator

  1, quiet and stable

   The traction drive is very quiet (although elevators of different brands are a bit different). The permanent magnet synchronous main engine does not have a gear box, and there is no mechanical sound of gear friction. As long as the installation and debugging are in place, it will run very smoothly. The speed of the motor is fully regulated by the variable frequency transformer, which can produce a perfect running speed curve.

   2: Energy saving and environmental protection

  The permanent magnet synchronous main engine does not need to add replacement oil regularly, so there is no oil leakage. The motor power is relatively small, only one kilowatt, which is very energy-efficient. The installation of traction elevators in a family can generate up to 20 electricity bills per month.

   3: Price economy

   Since the permanent magnet synchronous main engine is currently the development trend of the elevator industry, all major manufacturers are developing and producing traction elevators, resulting in overcapacity and oversupply. (But it depends on what brand, the price difference between elevators of different brands is still very big)