How Using a Freight Elevator Benefits a Business


Freight elevators are specifically designed to transpor […]

Freight elevators are specifically designed to transport materials and products throughout a large building. Unlike passenger elevators, freight elevators move at faster speeds, are made to withstand tougher working environments and travel at slower rates. They are an excellent way of transporting goods internally within a large building or externally in an elevator or depot. Many commercial buildings use freight elevators to provide easy access to the main floors of commercial buildings. There are many different types of freight elevators from which to choose such as:

The most widely used and popular type of freight elevator is the flatbed type. These elevators can accommodate up to 5 people comfortably. In addition to providing a comfortable environment for longer periods of time, they can also store a great deal of materials that can be accessed once the elevator has reached its maximum capacity. Many businesses utilize freight elevators to move inventory from one floor of the business to another or to carry products from one floor of the business to another.

An alternative to a flat freight elevator is the use of a car platform or steel wall panels. This type of freight elevator is commonly seen in banks, hospitals, office buildings and warehouses. A steel wall panel is made of durable steel that is attached to each end of the car platform. The steel wall panels can support a tremendous weight and because they are attached to the car platform they do not experience the wear and tear that the flat freight elevators experience. Additionally, since they are attached to the ground, they do not pose the same risk of falling onto passing traffic.

A loading dock is often one of the most difficult areas of a large building to access. There are times when loading docks must be supported by more than one crane system. One of the best solutions to this problem is to install a freight elevator. These elevators can be installed between the crane systems and a loading dock so that multiple employees can work at the same time without putting too much strain on the equipment. They can also support more than one person at a time because there are side-door loading docks. Since they can be customized to the requirements of the customer, many loading docks companies offer custom-designed elevators that meet specific loading dock space requirements.

Another way that freight elevators help the company they are serving is that they provide a safety solution for those who have disabilities or limited mobility. Often, passenger elevators that are installed at an airport are not as wide or long enough to accommodate an individual who needs assistance with their wheelchair into the elevator. However, a freight elevator can often be reconfigured so that it can accommodate a wheelchair and a customer can safely and easily enter and exit the elevator. This makes it safe for individuals with disabilities to travel on commercial transportation services. In addition, a freight elevator can increase passenger comfort and create an environment where they feel valued by their employer.

Freight elevators provide an added level of security and peace of mind to the company that is employing them. Security and safety should always be given top priority by businesses no matter what industry they are in. These types of passenger elevators offer a way to protect against vandalism and theft and they can be controlled with keypads that make them very secure. When an employee uses the restroom, it only takes a second for a potential robber to enter from the side doors and access the area where the valuable items are located. Therefore, a company can save money by installing a service elevator rather than a vehicle elevator.