How to repair the villa elevator line and how to check the fault


     Elevator failure refers to the phenomenon tha […]


   Elevator failure refers to the phenomenon that the elevator cannot work normally or seriously affects the ride comfort or even causes personal injury or equipment accidents due to abnormal elevator mechanical components or electrical control system components.

   One, mechanical system failure

   (1) Common failure phenomena and causes of mechanical systems are as follows:

   1. Due to poor lubrication or failure of the lubrication system, the rotating part of the component is severely heated and worn or the shaft is stuck, causing damage to the rolling or sliding components.

  2. Due to frequent use of the elevator, some parts are worn and aging, maintenance is not in place, and the worn parts are not replaced or repaired in time, causing further damage and forcing the elevator to stop.

  3. During the operation of the elevator, some fastening screws are loosened or loosened due to vibration, causing some parts, especially moving parts, to work abnormally, resulting in damage to the elevator.

  4. Due to the unbalanced elevator balance coefficient, or the severe overload caused by the car's large jitter or poor leveling accuracy, the elevator speed is out of control, and the speed limiter-safety clip linkage is even caused at the top or bottom of the elevator, and the elevator stops.

   (2) When the elevator mechanical system fails, the maintenance personnel should understand the situation and phenomenon when the elevator driver, administrator or passengers fail. If the elevator is still running, the driver/manager can use the jog mode to operate the elevator on and on, and the maintenance personnel can analyze and judge the point of failure by monitoring, and, and.

   (3) After determining the point of failure, please disassemble it carefully in accordance with the requirements of the relevant technical specifications. Cleaning, inspection and measurement, check the cause of the failure, and repair or replace according to the wear and damage of the machine.

   (4) After the elevator components are repaired or replaced, they must be carefully inspected and adjusted before they can be put into use. Failure and maintenance of 2x1776 electrical control system