How to deal with the failure of home elevator?


How to deal with the failure of home elevator? Home ele […]

How to deal with the failure of home elevator?

Home elevators have been widely used throughout the country. When decorating some high-end villas, the villa elevator is an essential part of the installation. So, when you encounter a failure, what should we do? The following is our specific introduction for everyone.

After the elevator closed, there was no movement for two or three minutes, and the door could not be opened. Anyone will be nervous about this. If we encounter a similar failure, what should we do?

"When you encounter elevator shortcomings, don't be nervous. You should know in time whether it is a "slide" or a "falling ladder." The home elevator manufacturer says: When the elevator fails, passengers need not be overly alarmed, the elevator will actively judge When detecting that the door and the safety maintenance device are normal, the elevator will return to the plane position of the first floor, which is commonly referred to as the "slipway." At this moment, passengers only need to wait for the elevator to return to the leveling floor and open the door automatically.

When you find that the elevator is working at an abnormal speed, you should bend your legs slightly, raise your heels, and lean your upper body forward to deal with possible shocks. Experts say that no matter how many floors the elevator crashes, you must first press the key of each floor; if there are handrails in the elevator, please hold the handrails firmly to prevent the center of gravity from falling; the entire back and head are close to the inner wall of the elevator, In a straight line, using the wall f elevator as the backbone for maintenance.

In addition, the elevator manufacturer reminds passengers to pay attention to whether the elevator car is on the corresponding floor before the elevator landing door opens.

1. Common shortcomings and causes of mechanical systems include the following categories:

1. Due to poor lubrication or shortcomings of the lubrication system, the rolling parts of the parts are severely heated, worn or severely held, resulting in damage to the rolling or sliding parts.

2. Due to the repeated use of the elevator, some parts are worn and aging, and the repair is not in place. Worn parts cannot be replaced or repaired in time, resulting in further expansion of the damage and forcing the elevator to work intermittently.

3. During the operation of the elevator, due to vibration, some of the fastening screws are loosened or loosened, causing some parts, especially the moving parts, to work abnormally, causing damage to the elevator.

4. Due to the unbalanced elevator balance coefficient, or severe overload, the car vibrates or the leveling accuracy is poor, the elevator speed is out of control, or even rushes to the top or bottom, forming the safety buckle linkage of the speed limiter, and the elevator works intermittently.

2. Generally speaking, the fuse of part of the circuit often burns out, indicating that the component or wire is in contact with the ground, and the impact position should be handled properly; the insulation pad of the relay should be strengthened or replaced when a defect occurs; the fuse of the main circuit is often burned out, indicating that the fuse The capacity is too small. d. Suitable fuses should be selected; according to home elevator skills, the starting and braking time can be set too long or too short. Explain adjusting the starting and braking time.

3. After the onset of shortcomings is recognized, carefully disassemble, clean, inspect and measure according to the requirements of the relevant skill standards. The reasons for the shortcomings should be recognized through inspection, and repair or replacement should be carried out according to the degree of wear and damage of the parts.

4. When the elevator mechanical system fails, the maintenance personnel should ask the administrator or passengers about the situation and phenomenon when the failure occurs. If the elevator is still working, the administrator can make the elevator work up and down by point movement. Maintenance personnel can analyze and judge the shortcomings by listening, touching, and testing.