Elevator wireless five-way intercom installation


  The elevator has become one of the necessary spe […]


The elevator has become one of the necessary special equipment for people to travel, and the safety of the elevator is also one of the daily concerns of people.

Elevator wireless five-way intercom is an important elevator facility that allows elevator occupants to call for help in time after the elevator fails. Now it has been listed as one of the necessary elevator equipment. Elevators without elevator intercom cannot pass the annual inspection.

The use of the elevator wireless five-party intercom involves the maintenance of the elevator wireless five-party intercom. Only after the maintenance is completed can the elevator wireless five-party intercom be able to "go to work" normally. So, how to maintain the elevator wireless five-way intercom?

1. Handle the walkie-talkie gently, and do not move the walkie-talkie with the antenna.
2. The walkie-talkie antenna cannot be unscrewed at will, otherwise the power tube (power amplifier) ​​will be burnt out easily during transmission.
3. When not using earphones and other accessories, please close the dust cover.
4. Only use the original or approved antenna. Unapproved antennas, antennas installed or added with accessories may damage the walkie-talkie or violate the regulations of the Radio Regulatory Bureau of the Ministry of Information Industry.
5. When in use, do not use your hands to hold the antenna, let alone toss the walkie-talkie around with the antenna.
6. Do not use damaged antennas. Otherwise, if the damaged antenna touches the skin during transmission, it may cause slight burns.
7. After the walkie-talkie has been used for a long time, the buttons, control knobs and cabinet are easy to get dirty. Please remove the control knob from the walkie-talkie and clean the cabinet with a neutral lotion and damp cloth. The use of chemicals such as detergents, alcohol, sprays or petroleum preparations may cause damage to the surface and shell of the walkie-talkie.

Elevator wireless five-party intercom is very important. Although we never do this in normal times, we must ensure that we can get in touch with the outside world when we need it. This can also be perfectly expressed by "raising soldiers for a thousand days and using soldiers for a while."