Elevator routine daily inspection system


In order to ensure the safe operation of the elevator, […]

In order to ensure the safe operation of the elevator, the elevator must be regularly inspected and maintained. Maintenance includes regular inspection maintenance, weekly inspection maintenance, monthly maintenance, semi-annual maintenance and annual maintenance. The maintenance and repair cycle of the elevator shall be carried out in accordance with the maintenance schedule and lubrication schedule specified by the manufacturer.

1. The driver or elevator safety manager should observe the abnormality of slides, abnormal noises and vibrations according to the routine inspection table 1 every day, and check the opening and closing time, safety touch panel, communication, lighting, emergency and fan of the elevator. And fill in the records.

Second, the maintenance personnel should focus on the door lock mechanism of the door when maintaining the maintenance, especially the electrical safety contact switch of the door lock, fill in the inspection record, and confirm by the safety administrator.

3. If the driver or elevator safety administrator finds that there is an abnormality or malfunction during the operation of the elevator, the elevator should be stopped immediately, and the elevator maintenance personnel should be reported. The elevator maintenance personnel should further inspect and eliminate the records and make a record.

4. The maintenance personnel shall clean the hoistway, pit, machine room, traction unit, switchboard and control cabinet twice a month. The driver or elevator safety manager should clean up the car's environmental sanitation and promptly remove the garbage accumulated in the door sill to avoid affecting the elevator door.

5. The maintenance personnel check the amount of traction oil every month to observe whether the amount of lubricating oil is between the two lines of the dipstick. When the oil quantity is insufficient, it should be refueled to be more than two engraved lines. Replace the traction machine according to the requirements. Lubricating oil and keeping the traction wheel and wire rope clean.

6. The maintenance personnel must inspect the bolts of the rail brackets each year, tighten the rails of the rails and the rails of the heavy rails, and fill in the maintenance records.

Elevator safety operation procedures

First, the elevator meets the preconditions for safe operation:

1. The elevator should be a qualified product produced by the national certification.

2. The elevator shall pass the inspection by the special equipment inspection agency approved by the state. And registered with the special equipment safety supervision agency.

3. The environmental conditions and power supply conditions of the elevator are in compliance with the technical requirements of the elevator.

4. The elevator operator obtains the qualification certificate of the special equipment operator and is in good physical condition.