Elevator Q&A:


Elevator Q&A: 1. What happens if you forcibly open […]

Elevator Q&A:

1. What happens if you forcibly open the elevator door?

There is a device on the car door to open and close the floor door. If the floor door is forcibly opened or the car is shaken, the elevator will stop suddenly when it hits the floor door switch (kāi guān). Car elevator guidance system: The main function of the guidance system is to limit the freedom of movement of the car and the counterweight, so that the car and the counterweight can only move up and down along the guide rail. The guiding system is mainly composed of guide rail, guide shoe and guide rail frame.

2. Can you block the elevator door with your hand?
In the last 5CM stroke of the door closing stroke, the touch panel or photoelectric switch will automatically fail, and if the hand is not pulled out in time, it will be clamped. When entering and leaving the elevator door during the door closing process, the door may be knocked due to the delayed response of the system.

3. Will you suffocate when staying in the car during a power outage?
The car has ventilation holes. The suffocation caused by the trapped person is caused by over-fire and tension. You should stay calm and wait patiently for rescue.

4. The hand is caught by the elevator door and pulled out?
When the hand is close to the car door (tiē), the sport door is very simple to bring the hand into the gap. Don't immediately pull it out in the opposite direction. Use a hard object to expand the gap in the direction of the hand and then pull it out. Avoid being scratched by the sharp metal edges of the gap.

5. Will the elevator fall from a height?
Elevator design (Design) has two safety (safe) protection measures (referring to the solution of the problem) to prevent the elevator from falling at high speed (gāo sù), and any safety protection device does not work normally The elevator will stop to avoid the risk caused by the elevator running with illness.

6. When riding the escalator, which areas are simply trapped?
One is between the comb teeth and the cover plate;
The second is the triangle area between the escalator and the building;
The third is the junction between the escalator steps and the ground; the fourth is between the escalator skirt and the steps.