Elevator maintenance operation procedure


One: preparation work 1: Contact the customer, first go […]

One: preparation work

1: Contact the customer, first go to the customer engineering department or the elevator management department, contact the customer to inform us of the ladder number that the company is working according to the plan today. Because of the maintenance work, the elevator must be stopped. Now whether the elevator can be stopped, it is determined that the elevator can be stopped. After doing some work. This work must pay attention to respecting others and polite language when communicating with customers. This work is very important in maintenance,

1): Let customers feel a sense of respect. 2): To avoid misunderstanding, if you do not tell the customer to start work under the parking ladder, the customer will think that the maintenance unit is too casual, stop us elevator and do not tell, not at all polite.

3): So as not to cause you to finish your work, find a customer to sign the bill, the customer said: You came to work and did not tell us the contents and ladder number of today's maintenance, I don't know what you did when you came, how can I give you Confirmation of the signing.

4): Avoid some other unpleasant things.

2: When you go to the construction site, you must wear uniforms, safety shoes, safety helmets, etc. according to the company's regulations, and abide by all the rules and regulations of the customers. If high-end customers have to stipulate that the staff members must go through the staff passage, they must obey them to avoid any disputes. .

Show our profession from small issues.

3: Check the tools to avoid wasting time when working without tools and take safety fences.