Elevator knowledge - elevators are classified by electrical control


(1) Relay control elevator o This type of elevator cons […]

(1) Relay control elevator o This type of elevator constitutes an elevator control loop with a large number of relays, resulting in poor operational reliability. Has been eliminated:

(2) PLC controls the elevator. The PLC is called a programmable controller. The control loop of the elevator can be conveniently programmed and the contactless logic control of the elevator can be implemented. In the mid-to-late 1980s, as a substitute for elevator-specific micro-machines in the country, it was applied to elevators, which played a positive role in improving the reliability of ordinary grade elevators.

(3) The microcomputer controls the elevator. Also known as computer controlled elevators. The operation logic control of the elevator adopts the microcomputer-controlled operation of the microcomputer to control the elevator; at the same time, the electric drive is also controlled by the microcomputer, which is called full microcomputer or full computer controlled house ladder. More advanced elevators are controlled by dedicated microcomputer boards.