Elevator emergency rescue instructions


In accordance with the "Special Equipment Safety Superv […]

In accordance with the "Special Equipment Safety Supervision Regulations" and relevant regulations, the emergency rescue plan for elevators shall be formulated. Elevator emergency rescue plan, enhance safety awareness, in the event of an accident, promptly and promptly, closely cooperate to minimize accidents.

First, the elevator is out of power

1. When there is a sudden power outage or the elevator cannot operate due to an unexpected failure, it should be confirmed whether there are passengers in the elevator;

2. After confirming that there are passengers in the elevator car, the duty officer should keep in touch with the passengers in the elevator in time to keep the passengers calm; at the same time, at least 3 people, at least one of the licensees must arrive at the engine room as quickly as possible. .

3. In the equipment room, firstly, the total power supply of the elevator should be turned off, and then the position of the elevator car should be judged according to the leveling sign;

4. Before the manual car is placed in the machine room, it should be confirmed that the main power switch of the elevator has been closed. Refer to the operation instructions of the emergency rescue device to install the wheel at the end of the motor. At least one person should hold the wheel and wheel with the hand, and then use the brake. The wrench releases the brake and manually cranks the car. After the elevator car is slowly raised (lowered) to the nearest leveling position according to the leveling mark, the release wrench is released.

5. On the floor of the elevator car level, the rescuers use the triangular key to open the hall door, pull the car door open, and release the passengers in the car.

6. If the main power supply of the elevator is closed due to the failure, the maintenance personnel of the elevator maintenance company will be processed after going to the scene.