Elevator emergency operation


Operational emergency measures: 1. All running operatio […]

Operational emergency measures:

1. All running operation commands are ordered by the squad leader.

2. The sub-value order must be recorded and reported to the squad leader for order operation. Special case sub-values ​​can be ordered to operate, according to the program

operation, so that the operation is correct.

3. For each operation, after the squad leader orders, the operator must review and confirm the work location and specific equipment. The operation is correct before it can be


4. The operation involving close contact with the host is operated by the sub-value. Before the operation, the device is compared with the device, and the operation can be

performed after the confirmation is correct.

5. No one can cross the squad leader and independently command the operator to perform operations and electrical operations. Temporarily operate by personnel with sub-values ​​

or above to avoid mistakes. It is necessary to ask for confirmation before correct operation.

6. If the equipment is unclear, the location is not clear, the defect is not eliminated, the boundary is unclear, and the operation is unsure. If there is any hidden danger,

first confirm whether it can be operated, and confirm the correct operation.

7. When ordering, you must know who the other party is, whether it is the commander, whether there is any right to direct desulfurization, ash removal and slag removal,

otherwise you can refuse the operation.

8. Before the squad leader takes over, it is necessary to patrol all the equipment and enter the control room for handover. The squad leader should start the inspection and

abnormal scenes in the control room and equipment, but not at the site of equipment maintenance.

9. When an accident occurs at the scene, the accident involving the mainframe is immediately reported to a long value, and then the report is run by the special engineer and

the project manager and the production department. The general accident report is a special operation, and the maintenance and repair specialists need to be repaired.