Elevator common problems and maintenance


  The door is not closed, the elevator can start b […]


The door is not closed, the elevator can start by selecting the floor

Maintenance and troubleshooting methods:

 1. The door lock relay JMS has jamming and often sucks, remove and replace the relay JMS;

  2. KMT contact of the door lock switch is stuck, remove or replace the door lock.

The elevator stopped suddenly while driving

Inspection and troubleshooting methods: The door knife collides with the door wheel to disengage the lock arm, the door lock switch KMT is disconnected, the door lock relay JMS loses power, the elevator stops immediately, and the position of the door lock roller and door knife is adjusted.

No variable speed of door opening

Maintenance and troubleshooting methods:

 1. The first-level limit switch 1KM of opening the door is damaged. Replace the switch 1KM;

  2. The door-opening shunt resistor RKM is broken and cannot be connected. Replace the resistor RKM.

No change in closing speed

Maintenance and troubleshooting methods:

  1.Close the door
  First and second level limit switch 1G
  M and 2GM are damaged, replace 1G
  M, 2GM;

  2. Door-closing shunt resistor (Chinese name: resistor) RGM is broken and does not work. Replace resistor RGM. Household elevators also have a stepped type. The treads are installed on the track to run continuously, commonly known as escalators or moving walks. Fixed lifting equipment serving the specified floors. The vertical elevator has a car that runs between at least two rows of vertical or rigid guide rails with an inclination angle of less than 15℃.