A Panoramic Elevator to Access Anyplace


The Pfaffenthal Panoramic Elevator, also known as the V […]

The Pfaffenthal Panoramic Elevator, also known as the Viennese Opera House Elevator, is a high-speed public, commercial elevator in Luxembourg City that links the commercial city centers of Ville Haute, along with the historic old town center, on the river Thun, below. It gives its customers scenic panoramic views of both the Alzette River Valley and the surrounding picturesque landscape. This elevator is open to the public from Wednesday to Sunday. During off-peak hours, it can be accessed by paying a fixed annual fee.

Panoramic elevators have been in use in business centers for over 40 years. At present, there are many companies that rent such elevators to their clients and tourists. These commercial elevators have panoramic roofs that allow their users to take in a great view of entire cities and other landscapes from the comfort of their elevators. Business centers and other public places such as museums and public libraries have incorporated these elevators in order to maximize the amount of space they have. These buildings may contain many different floors and sections. Hence, it becomes quite difficult to get an appropriate view of each floor, and the overhead view from inside such building becomes all the more difficult.

The panoramic elevator cabin comprises a number of sections or floors. Each section consists of a lobby, a control room, a bar, and several restrooms and showers. Some business centers have separate sections for meeting rooms and four conference rooms. The panoramic elevator consists of a large glass wall, which stretch up to several stories high and contains numerous platforms that are suitable for loading and unloading vehicles, as well as for transporting people. At the end of each platform, one can simply step out into a wide open space that contains the elevator station, where one can board an elevator to go anywhere.

In the present times, there are many companies that rent out the panoramic elevators for tourist use. Many such elevator companies provide the customers with an opportunity to enjoy the experience of traveling in style. They usually have the cars and the requisite equipment for transporting visitors. Some of the well-known companies that offer such services to tourists are Europcar, Oceania Limousine, Alcon and Interurbia. All these companies have an online presence and also provide brochures and visitor guides describing all about the panoramic elevators.

While choosing a panoramic elevator, one must consider two important factors - the capacity and the cost of using the elevator. If the capacity is not adequate, it will not serve its purpose and could add to the weight of the luggage when the tourist boards. The cost of using the elevator has to be kept in mind so that the trip does not become unaffordable. Most of the modern elevators are capable of moving more than a thousand kilograms. The weight limitations have to be kept in mind while choosing the model. In case of the model having less weight restrictions, the luggage will definitely be lighter.

After reaching the destination, the panoramic elevator departs from the bottom floor and moves upward wards. It finally reaches the top floor and the vehicle rise automatically going up to the very top. The safety system of such an elevator is the most advanced and thus, precautions should be taken while using it. One of the most common causes for injuries resulting from such elevators is falling down the stairs. For this reason, steps should be provided so that the luggage can be lifted safely from the car. For carrying heavy loads, special hoists should be installed.